I’m from Roger Federer


In a few hours flight I found myself catapulted in another time. Tbilisi has been a pleasant surprise. Its contrasts have served me as gasoline to walk on its most hidden roads.


Abanotubani, Tbilisi



Georgians are reserved people (maybe shy?), but pleasantly nice. For example at the supermarket I was looking for sugar, so I asked to a young woman. She didn’t understand me well but she was determined to help me … I found myself with some oregano in the hands: “this also good” she told me.



Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi

Tbilisi-6 At the restaurants the wait can be infinite, but once you are served the palate rejoices and the wallet too. It’s all cheap and delicious. When I can communicate with some of them they ask me where I come from: “I’m from Switzerland”… no, they don’t know about Switzerland, let’s try with “Roger Federer!”… Their faces relax and a smile illuminates them: “aaah beautiful place!”



The Titanic just after the collision

The Georgians have a very devoted faith attached to the traditions. The Orthodox processions are quite suggestive and I admit that I was almost feeling uncomfortable when I was entering the churches during the Mass … although I was copying every movement of my neighbor I didn’t go unnoticed with my jeans and sneakers.


I still have a couple of days and then I will mount on my bicycle. Destination? I’m still not sure …  first I have to figure out how to get out of this city.

Kargi ghame!

A presto Stefi




  1. Grandissima Stefi!!
    Vedendo il tragitto previsto, mi vengono in mente dei libri bellissimi che ho letto (La via per Isfahan di Sinoué o Samarcanda di Amin Maalouf), non ti nascondo una certa invidia….
    Goditi il bellissimo viaggio, le atmosfere, i sapori, i profumi….
    Un abbraccio, Fabri


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