She Wolf … Aahuuuuuu!


Sincerely: Where should I start? I promised myself to be short on my posts, but … how?
I left Tbilisi besieged by Russian tourists to find myself, after few agonizing km, in the authentic Georgia I was looking for.

Kojori-5The first night, in my sleeping bag, I was simply incredulous about what was happening to me: “All this in a single day? … really?? … WOW!”
Few days before I was in the Zurich airport, shocked by the indifference of the people: no one gave me a hand, not even when it was clear that I needed it … and here? Here the first words I’ve learned are “no, thank you” (ara, madloba) to refuse all the help offers.


The weather can change quickly. Once, in few hours the temperature dropped from 31°C to 10°C … but the weather doesn’ t matter … I’m in PARADISE.

on-the-road-4The roads are not so bad. Some craters and slopes up to 10% do not leave a moment of respite to Morena and Priscilla (my legs). The adventure begins when (without GPS) I take the off track. Completely alone, I enjoy every moment, even the most demanding … and there you can sing loudly … very loudly …

roads-1In a mountain road I meet a shepherd. As soon as he saw me he jumped. With one hand on his heart he started to grumble me in Georgian … I got it all! The literal translation: “Have you gone off your head? That thing is not a car!! You don’t see? This is not asphalt! And where do you want to sleep? Jesus! Here there are the wolves!! Aaaahuuuuuuu, aaaahhuuuuuu! (like Shakira in “She Wolf”). You want to make me die!?” … I admit that Morena and Priscilla have put the turbo-plus, but what a laugh! … Aaahuuuuuu!…


Babu, Lado, Georgie, Lasha (foto), Elison, Dodo, Lella, Natalie, Moris, Davit… you make my stay in Kojori unforgettable. Thank you soooo much my dear friends!

Along my way I met great people, all ready to help me: who wanted to tie me to a rope and pull me with the car (I regret to have refused!), the policemen who offered me the lunch, who just stopped to know if I needed something and those who welcomed me at their home and treated me like a queen.


Tetritskaro: Nino, Joni, me and Zotne. You have a beautiful soul my friends and I will never forget what you did for me (thanks also to Jaba!) and the beautiful days we spent together… you are jigaro!


Beer, fishing gear, fire and friendship … nothing is missing … only the fishes.

I got into their homes with my muddy shoes and dirty clothes … and I left them  with my heart loaded of gratitude and my eyes full of tears. This is not a trip about bicycle, but about people … and georgian people are good ones.


Beshtasheni: Eldari, Eka (the strongest woman I ever met) and their 3 amazing boys Luka, Nika and the little Gabriel. We will see eachother in Svaneti and have some chacha, promised!




Only 12 days have passed, but for me seem like months! I have so many things to tell! … I remember the worries before the departure … it’s really true: the most difficult step is the first one.


Armenia I’m coming! …. Aahuuuuuuuuu!

Un abbraccio


p.s. Bicio in Georgian means “boy”… and I have a good boy!


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