Stargate is not fiction


Huston we had a problem … finally solved! More than one month has passed (I even don’t know how long!) and I had experienced sooooo much! But let’s start from the beginning: the end of the Armenia’s chapter … because I think it deserves it.

If you are in Goris you have to visit Tatev. This time I left Bicio in the guest-house because I wanted to experience the longest cable car of the world … a 6 km long “flight” in a majestic scenario.

Tatev-2Big eyes and open mouth … such incredible beauty!

Tatev-9Nothing to complain: monks had a good taste in choosing the location for their monasteries.


Tatev Monastery

But it was time to move forward to the south, direction Kapan. This is not a radiography of an intestine …

… this is a part of one of the killing-legs-road that you can find in the south Armenia. I even don’t remember how long it was (20-25 km?) … but on the road, according to your calculations (steepness, time duration) you should have reached Nepal.

So yes, sometimes you are just tired (very tired!), you are dirty, you smell, your hair are like the PLAYMOBIL style and you have to find a place where to pitch the tend … but you know what? It just takes two seconds: you stop and you look around you:

Kapan-4…. and you know exactly why you are there and what you are doing … and I’m just pleased about my choice.


Marilù this is for you

Iran was calling and I was happy to change country, culture and people. Don’t get me wrong, but I should admit that sometimes in the south Armenia I was feeling uncomfortable … just feelings … so I was moving fast towards south.


Kapan pass: the descent


Approaching Meghri

In few km the topography changes dramatically:


Meghri village

and there it is: IRANAgarak-4

I was excited and sort of nervous: they will like my “iranian style”? Have I enough money? Will it work out with all the visas I need? and…? and…? Shut up, and go!

I spent the last night in Agarak, looking at the fabulous sunset, the amazing mountains and discussing about politics with Vahe … yes, because here there are some problems. Bad ones. But everything looked so quite. Silence. Wind. Colors. Desert. There I c an see the border. It is such a pity that in such amazing places like this one some bad things are happening …


Vahe, his lovely daughter and his beautiful LADA (the last one that I saw)

Armenia was/is just incredible! I was so amazed about the different landscapes, beauties and things you can visit … A M A Z I N G. Armenia has a big touristic potential BUT be aware that they are still not “ready” for the tourism. So, if you are pretentious tourists and rather cheeky, then maybe it is better if you stay home … but you will really miss something. Goodbye Armenia and “Apres”!

Scarf on the head, long trousers and long shirt I was cycling in the land of nobody … I jumped out from my bike and I put my first step in the Iranian territory: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! I enter in another UNIVERSE… I crossed the Stargate! Stargate is not fiction, it is real. In few seconds I was rounded by a group of iranian women: one was kissing me, the other one was holding my hand and another one wanted a selfie with me … what??!! Incredible.

Everything went pretty smoothly. Completely different culture, completely different people, completely different topography … even the road conditions were great!


Sorry sister … you can cut my fingers …

What for a good start … A new chapter can start.


Un abbraccio


p.s. Gallery instructions (stil not updated): clicking forward you are moving back on time …so it is cronologically ordered (like Instagram).


  1. Bella li’! Ci mancavi! Grazie per la macchinetta azzurra…notato. Peccato che la nostra nuova auto sia bianca ma….apri bene le orecchie (gli occhi) la nostra casa e’ tutta azzurra!!!!
    Aspettando il resto del racconto ti auguriamo buon divertimento
    un abbraccio


    1. ahahaha voglio le foto!!! e non solo della casa ma anche della famigliola…. spero stiate tutti bene! bacioni


  2. bueno prima nuevas imagenes, increible muy hermoso que bueno que podes conocer todo eso ahora una nueva tierra veremos como te trata ese solsito y ponete protector y a seguir pedaleando segui asi falta mucho por contar y por ver te felicito prima te mandamos muchos cariños , besosssssss.


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