About She


stefI am originally from Faido, a small village nestled in the Leventina Valley located in the smiling Canton Ticino, Switzerland. Since I was a child I was fascinated by the sky, the stars and all that concern the universe … I was sure: I would become an astrophysics!
But the fate and my brain potentials have led me to re-direct my gaze of 180 degrees, so my nose was not pointing to the sky but to the ground … I became a geologist. From the stars to the stones.

Also thanks to the geology studies I started to travel, usually alone. Away from home, from my loved ones and all that it was familiar, I discovered new colors, flavors and smells (especially in India). I wanted more and more. My trips took me in magnificent places and approached me to cultures and people that as a child I could only see in the documentaries. On TV all seemed so unreal and remote and then … cabooooom! I was/am in the documentary.

I even brought my body to the extreme just to immerse myself in people’s lives, to see the light that shines in their eyes (yes, exactly that light), to feel that spark of energy that lights up when you create a connection despite the language barriers. Many laughs and tears have been sheared. Oooooh yes, I want definitely more.



Me and Pohn somewhere in the jungle of Sarawak (Malaysia)