About Cecilia


End of October 2022, Blagaj Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a few intense days in the beautiful Bosnian mountains, I needed rest, plenty of food, fresh beer and to do some laundry. I went to a camp with an excellent reputation in Blagaj. Exactly what I needed.

A group of cats roamed around the campsite. They were fit, in good condition and knew how to convince the tourists to drop something to eat from the table. One day, a tricoloured kitten appeared, much smaller and in poorer condition than the other cats. She was skulking around. Her eyes filled with terror. She was very thin and the other cats chased her away as soon as she tried to partake in an occasional feast.

“Tanya, does the three-coloured kitten belong to someone or to the camp?” I asked a camp worker. “No, she’s a kitten who wanders around from time to time. She is alone.” I fed her and gained some of her trust. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind. If I could travel with one cat, I might as well travel with two. I asked the camp site owners again: “Sure, take her! Take her with you!” they told me. In a jiffy Cecilia was vaccinated, had a microchip and a passport.

She immediately adapted to nomadic life in the Pajero. It was clear that Cecilia had experienced major traumas and that I had to be very patient with her. I think Dimitri’s presence facilitated the process as she saw him as a reference point. I am happy with the decision I made, that I gave her a chance. Seeing her blossom slowly did my heart good, despite all the difficulties. Welcome my lovely Cecilia to our team.