Cycling around

Many people at this very moment are undertaking this type of travel. A bicycle trip. Some of them are rising money for a good cause: for peace, for sustainable development, for medicine, against poverty, hunger, pollution, … These people are the magnificent drops in the sea of which we all need.

I didn’t have a cause. From Palestine to Argentina every single person, family, child, mistreated animal or devastated nature I met/saw deserved that drop. I had only the memory of the frustration and sense of helplessness that I felt/feel in front all the injustices I assisted. My travels have changed me and often, when I was back home in my country, I was feeling like a foreign.

Riverwalk in Kathmandu, Nepal

I think my goal was/is to tell Stories. Stories of people and places. I think there is a need of more awareness not only for the bad things that are happening in the world, but especially in having a feeling of gratitude for the wonderful people and unique nature that are surrounding us.

Palm oil plantations, Borneo jungle, Malaysia

Socrates said: To move the world we must move ourselves. This exactly what I’m doing with my life … Of course I don’t pretend to change the world, but at least my everyday life. If somebody ask you where I am, you can just say: “SHE IS AROUND”.