Let’s meet Bicio

I had a couple of candidates who could accompany me in this adventure and a month ago I met Bicio (pronounced Beecho). Bicio is robust, made of steel, with geometries designed to carry many kilograms and most important made up of easy-to-repair (or to find) components in all regions of the world. He is a great traveler, a guy of few words but, above all, easygoing and he NEVER complains. He has only one defect: he cannot cook.


I am lucky to have friends who care about my health. Rote, Sheila, Paco and PietroX are the official sponsor of my derrière. Thank you for the saddle test, now it is much more confortable!

My new Home

My new home includes a bed-reading-dining-lounge-storage room, all in just over 2 square meters for about 1.7 kg weight. It is always well ventilated. When the roof is not mounted it is possible to enjoy breathtaking starry skies. Very important are a good sleeping bag and insulating mat. Extra luxury items include a pillow and silk sheets (wow!). The kitchen works with gas or petrol and fishing gear is never missing … All my things have to come in 6 functional and durable bags: 4 side bags, 1 front-  and 1 rear bag.


The Vivaldi wardrobe

The wardrobe is 4 Season certified. I have preferred natural materials such as Merino wool and cotton. It is not only important to take into account all the weather conditions, but also the cultural differences of all the countries.



Since I am not an “advanced technology” user, a compass and road maps (Flo es ist super!) will be part of my furniture. My picture-dictionary (thanks Ale and Nene!) will help me to communicate with people of the most remote areas and the satellite transmitter will cradle my loved ones in a quiet and serene sleep. Unfortunately I forgot to immortalize some things, such as the pharmacy, the beauty case and my tablet-pc … is something missing? I don’ t know yet, but surely I will find it out when I will need it.


I did not get into the details, but if you want more information, I’ll be happy to give you some advice. Generally you do not have to spend a lot of money on branded things … with a little patience you can find some great deals online.